Ceramic tableware will be selected safely

“Everyone said that ceramic tableware is the safest, but a recent discovery has puzzled me.” Ms. Fan said that she is worried about the hidden dangers under this safety coat and harms people’s health.

Doubtful color ceramic makeup faint?

Ms. Fan said that a month ago, she bought a set of very beautiful ceramic tableware at a supermarket in Lushan Road.

"To be honest, although I like this color, but because the color is more colorful, the higher the metal content, I still have some concerns, but the marketing staff's statement dispelled my doubts." Ms. Fan said that she was hesitant to see her. Uncertainly, the marketer asked about the reason and said that ceramic tableware is recognized as the safest tableware, it is resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali, environmentally friendly and non-toxic side effects. For the more colorful and heavy metal content, marketers said that ceramic tableware is strictly a general term for two types of tableware, one is ceramic and the other is porcelain. This colorful and beautiful tableware is porcelain. After more than 1200 degrees of high temperature, the original harmful substances have been vitrified, which will not affect people's health.

Ms. Fan said that the marketing staff’s words made her buy a set of porcelain tableware. However, in the past few days, she found a flower on the outside of a bowl when she was washing the dishes. She thought it was not cleaned, and she scratched it with her nails. She did not expect to scrape off some things, the color of colors and patterns. Consistent. She brushed it with a clean wire ball, no problem, with a little force, the pattern faded!

“I am worried about this color and affect the health of my family.” Ms. Fan found the supermarket, but the marketer said that the color is non-toxic and is outside the tableware and does not come into direct contact with food. However, under her repeated negotiations, the supermarket handled the return procedures for her.

Phenomenon under the glaze attracts people's eyes!

Walking into the supermarket tableware department, there is a colorful world in front of you. In particular, ceramic tableware, one by one from the pure white, evolved into a gratifying color, attractive shape, people's doubts, they are not cutlery, are a piece of art, can not help but reach out and play, gradually add to the feeling of love .

In the display rack of colored ceramic tableware, a label with the words "glazed under the color" has attracted the attention of the reporter. I saw a paragraph saying: "Plain-painting-glazing-high-temperature firing." Underglaze It is a kind of porcelain glaze decoration, also known as “kiln color”. It uses coloring materials to draw various patterns on the formed porcelain blank. After the color material is completely infiltrated, the cover is white transparent glaze or other light-colored glaze. 1200 degrees high temperature once fired. After high temperature oxidation and reduction, the harmful substances disappear or transform, and the pattern after firing is wrapped by a transparent glaze film, so that the finished product has the advantages of never being faded, worn or subjected to acid and alkali corrosion, and the color is smooth and non-toxic.

So, is it only the ceramic tableware of the display rack that is underglaze?

"Our products are underglaze. As for the other, it is not underglaze. We don't know." The marketer said that the first sentence on the label indicates the production process of the underglaze tableware. Introduced later is the advantage of underglazed ceramic tableware.

So, do other non-glazed ceramic tableware also have these advantages?

The marketer laughed that she was just the marketing staff of the brand and was not convenient to comment on other brands and products.

Recommended ceramic tableware preferred underglaze

Mogao, a senior craftsman in a large-scale daily-use porcelain factory in Zhangzhou, suggested that the purchase of colored ceramic tableware should be the first choice for underglaze products.

Mogao said that the glaze color ceramics are made of pigment paper on the glazed surface or directly painted on the surface of the product, and then baked at a high temperature. Since the baking temperature does not reach the degree of melting of the glaze layer, the flower The surface cannot be sunk into the glaze, and the hand touch has a noticeable unevenness. Since the pigment adheres to the surface, it is easily damaged in the case of friction or the like, which not only affects the appearance but also may affect health.

"The baking temperature of the glazed ceramics can melt the glaze and the pigment can sink into the glaze." Mogao said that after cooling, it is covered by the glaze layer, the surface of the product is smooth, and the hand touch has no obvious unevenness, but it may be used for a long time. It turns black.

Mogao said that all the glazed ceramics are made on the porcelain slab. After glazing, the glaze is fired once, and the flower surface is covered with glaze. It looks bright and smooth, and has a smooth feel. It never changes color and never fades. The advantages of hygiene. Author: Wang Yongan

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