Talking about the Importance of Sliding Line Shell

The trolley line has obtained national patents, and the varieties of the ever-evolving social trolley line are constantly being updated. Now the product is also used in many fields, but it is still used by the metallurgical industry, shipbuilding and other industries. The previous trolley line did not have a good shell, but now whether it is unipolar or tubular, there will be a shell made of polyoxyethylene material. Today, Xiaobian’s key point is to talk about the importance of the slide wire shell. Interested friends can take a look with Xiao Bian!

1. Why use a trolley wire? The reason is very simple. The product can prevent workers from getting an electric shock during maintenance.

2. If the product is used outdoors, a shell made of polyoxyethylene can prevent rain and snow.

3. There is also the ability to increase the load bearing capacity of the trolley wire.

4. The shell of the product can also prevent corrosion and will not be affected in a chemical environment.

5. The most important conductor that can protect this product.

The above is a summary for everyone, only for reference learning to use!

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