Fingerboard features Fingerboard which brand is good

There are more and more brands of finger-joint boards on the market. Many people will ask which brand of finger-joint boards is better ? Fingerboards can be used as wardrobes to deter insects, and close-fitting brain balls can be used in the closet. Let's take a look at the characteristics of the finger-board, the finger-board which brand it.

Fingerboard Features

The use of the fingerboard is the same as that of the wood board. It means that the finger board has much less glue in the production process than the wood board. Therefore, it is a kind of board that is more environmentally friendly than the wood board. More and more people have started to use it. Fingerboard instead of wood board. Fingerboards are commonly available in 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, and 20mm thicknesses and can be up to 36mm thick.

There is no need to paste the splint on the upper and lower finger joints, and the amount of glue is greatly reduced. The glue used for the fingerboard is generally milky white glue, which is an aqueous solution of polyvinyl acetate, which is used as a flux for water, non-toxic and odorless. Even if the decomposition is acetic acid, it is not poisonous.

The finger joint board is also divided into two sections: knotted and non-segmented, with the presence of a staggered eye, the absence of a staggering eye, and the more beautiful appearance. Some pretender members directly use the fingerboard to make the furniture, and the surface does not need to be attached to the panel. There is style and money.

Which fingerboard brand is good

1. Dawang Ye (China Green Fingerboard, Top Ten Fingerboard Brands, Top 500 Chinese Brands, Top Ten Brands in China, Dawang Ye Group)

2. Bunny (China Top Brand Products, Top 10 Biggest Brands, Zhejiang Famous Brands, Huzhou Famous Brand Products, Dehua Group)

3, Jinqiu JINQIU (Hebei Province famous trademark, China famous wood-based panel production and sales enterprise, Hebei Jinqiu Wood Industry Co., Ltd.)

4. FUXIANG FUXIANG (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, China Environmental Labeling Product Certification, Hunan Fuxiang Wood Industry Co., Ltd.)

5, Huang Mao (Shandong Province famous brand, specializing in the production of blockboard enterprises, Jinan Yellow Cat Wood Co., Ltd.)

6. Moganshan (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, Zhejiang Famous Brand, Zhejiang Shenghua Yunfeng Xincai Company)

7, takeoff wood board (finger board ten brands, brand-name products in Hebei Province, Hebei Province, the famous trademark, Hebei Tengfei Wood Co., Ltd.)

8. Peng Hong (China Famous Brand, Liaoning Famous Trademark, Liaoning Famous Brand, Leader in China's Wood-based Panel Industry, Dalian Penghong Wood Industry)

9. Weiye (Guangdong Famous Brand, a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of environmentally friendly plywood wood products, Guangzhou Weizheng Wood Products Co., Ltd.)

10. Millennium Boat (China Famous Brand, Hangzhou Famous Brand, Zhejiang Famous Brand Product, Millennium Boat Group Huahai Wood Industry Co., Ltd.)

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