China's domestic hardware lock companies should keep abreast of market demand

In today's hardware lock companies, in addition to paying attention to quality, pursuing innovation, but also trying to do a good marketing strategy, in order to be invincible in the market. To do a good job in corporate marketing, we must do our best to do our best, and do our best to do the marketing! Know the market demand marketing must have its own personality, use its own characteristics to create demand to attract consumers; on the other hand is full Azimuth to meet the customer's natural needs, that is to say, the company should develop a more natural and colorful alternative products to break through the conventional and aggressive marketing, to explore, guide, create and meet market demand, in line with today's people. Seeking new, seeking differences, and changing the trend of personalized consumption.
Enterprises must use marketing skills that are different from those of competition, and intentionally guide the market and consumer groups to grow in a direction that is beneficial to them, to make the potential market into a realistic market, and gradually expand the distance from competitors to make itself more It is a unique marketing concept that aims to open up the market, occupy the market, and own the market. To satisfy the individualized needs to the fullest, the so-called "customer is God", everything needs to start from the customer, and create a good relationship with each customer to carry out differentiated services. After knowing the customer's needs, the maximum limit meets the individual needs of consumers. In the nature of marketing, consumers are completely self-centered when purchasing goods, and existing products can not meet the demand, they can make specific requirements to the enterprise, and the company customizes the ideal product of consumers. With the product of the king, the market competitiveness of the company is invisibly enhanced.
In an increasingly competitive market, whoever best meets the needs of customers will ultimately win the market. Hardware lock companies can timely understand the changes in market demand, formulate a localized marketing strategy, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, and increase the economic benefits of enterprises, further promote the growth of enterprises! All these functions are expanded to make them At the same time, it has become an important component of the building, and has greatly enhanced the market competitiveness of the hardware locks. Who can master the market, who can succeed.

I. Introduction

Cationic Fixing Agent is polyelectrolyte, consists of a series of organic synthesis with low molecular weight and strong cationic, which is generally 100% cationic. Product character is aqueous solution.


II. Performance Indicators:

1. Appearance: colorless to pale yellow viscous liquid

2. Solid content: ≥ 50%

3. PH: 2 ~ 6

4. Viscosity: 50 ~ 200 mpa.s


Fixing Agent


III. Application Field

Used in paper pulp as a cationic fixing agent. Usually the slurry contains colloidal particles consisted of fiber materials, additives and water, which are with anionic charge and interfere the papermaking process, so it is also known as anionic trash; the interference is mainly in the following aspects:

1. Influence wet chemical additives` normal function, especially for cationic retention and drainage aids, sizing agent; or cause to increase the amount of wet chemical additives;

2. Deposits in the paper machine system; interfere the efficient papermaking process.

3. COD discharge of sewage systems, increasing the load on the sewage treatment plant. Recommended for use in mechanical pulp, chemi-mechanical pulp, and secondary fiber pulp slurry and coating waste stuff. Anionic trash neutralized by fixing agent can be bonded to the fibers so as to be taken away by paper sheets.


Fixing Agent

IV. Methods of Application

Adding methods: excellent water-solubility; can spread out in water instantly. Dosing pump is generally used to drive it into a static mixer or a mixing pump , mixed with water, diluted to about 0.2% of the dissolved solution, and then into the slurry system.

Adding point: the general adding point is in the front of flow system, that is, before the machine chest or fan pump; or add in the pulp plant. Which is taken into consideration for the reaction time of the cationic fixing agent polymer molecules and garbage, also need to time and space for other wet end additives. According to the slurry source, sometimes you need to select two or more points to add. When the slurry contains a source of coated broke, generally requires additional anionic trash Fixative in the transport of the paper sheet.

Adding dosage: anionic trash content in the slurry is usually gauged by the cationic charge contents measured by PCD (particle charge analyzer) in the slurry. The measure will directly show the dosage tips, but the real dosage depends on the practical application. For general slurry, the recommend amount is in the range of 0.3kg ~1.8kg/t dry pulp.


 V. Safe Operation

1. Cationic fixing agent is a water-soluble polymer, dissolved in water in a highly slippery state and avoid to spill on the floor. If spill, shall timely absorb with sand, sawdust.

2. Wear gloves, wear overalls to operate.


VI. Storage

The product should be kept sealed, stored in cool, dry, ventilated places, and appropriate temperature should be 10-30 ℃.


VII. Package

200 kg plastic drums or 1000 kg PE IBC drum.

Fixing Agent

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